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The earbuds KZ ZST have relatively large built-in drivers for powerful sound and a fine bass tone. They have a unique style that sets them apart from other earbuds. The braided cable that comes with the earbuds is detachable and strong, just like the other cables of the KZ earbuds. If you listen to music with a lot of bass every day, these earplugs are highly recommended. At Fixim you can buy the KZ ZST in various attractive colors.

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The earplugs KZ ZST in the colors purple, green, blue and more

Would you like to stand out with your beautiful earbuds? Then the earphones KZ ZST are definitely earbuds that meet your desire. They have a wonderfully striking design because of the beautiful colors. You buy them for example in purple, green, blue or black. You can wear the earbuds wirelessly, but it is also possible to connect them with a cable. The earbuds are very affordable and provide you with good quality sound. Do you prefer other earbuds than the KZ ZST? Then you can order various other earphones at Fixim. For example, we offer earphones from UiiSii.

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Our KZ earbuds come standard with the supplied cable and without a microphone. You can order these separately along with other audio accessories for your KZ ZST earbuds. We offer a complete range of all types of audio equipment. Do you have any questions about our offer? Then please contact us at 088 0282000 or send an e-mail to