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KZ Audio

At Fixim you buy the latest earbuds from KZ Audio. These are equipped with the latest technologies, so you always enjoy clear sound. Also, the earplugs of KZ Audio have an ergonomic design, making them always comfortable to wear. So you can spend hours of carefree music listening!

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Con estas almohadillas de espuma viscoelástica, los tapones para los oídos o los monitores internos son aún más cómodos. En tallas L, M y S siempre hay una talla para ti. Se pueden pedir por tamaño, pero también en una mezcla si no está seguro de qué tamaño necesita. Vienen con 3 juegos.
The KZ EDX PRO is known for its sturdy/comfortable build and great price/performance ratio.
The KZ ZSN Pro X feature 1 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic Driver per side. In addition, they are beautifully designed and not very expensive.
KZ BA10 - 5BA In-Ear Dynamic Earplugs
The KZ BA10 have 5 Balanced Armatures per side, this comes down to 10 BA, and that's where it gets its name from. This gives great sound with the characteristic KZ Design.

Go for KZ Audio if you like top quality

KZ's earbuds isolate sound due to their snug fit. This means that you only hear the clear sound of your music and are not disturbed by the noise around you. If you often travel on public transport or listen to music in public places, these earplugs are highly recommended. We sell several other models of earbuds from KZ Audio, such as:

KZ ZS10 Pro

Enjoy hours of your favorite music in your ears

Would you like to buy earbuds from KZ Audio or do you prefer another top brand? Perhaps you are looking for earbud accessories? At Fixim we have it all. Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about our product range? Then contact us by calling 088 0282000 or sending an email to You can also chat with us via the live chat at the bottom of the page.