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Eartips for In-Ear Earphones

Looking for spare tips for your in-ear earbuds? |

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Con estas almohadillas de espuma viscoelástica, los tapones para los oídos o los monitores internos son aún más cómodos. En tallas L, M y S siempre hay una talla para ti. Se pueden pedir por tamaño, pero también en una mezcla si no está seguro de qué tamaño necesita. Vienen con 3 juegos.
With these memory foam ear tips, you can make your earbuds or in-ear monitors even more comfortable. In sizes L, M and S there is always a size for you.
The Insulation (T-Series) Foam Tips are fully focused on maximum sound insulation. The unique, bullet-shaped design completely seals the ear canal to keep ambient noise out and music in. Listen to what you want to hear, not to those around you.
Discover comfort and the perfect fit with our exclusive ear hooks and accessories set. This curated bundle is designed to optimize your listening experience and ensure that you always enjoy the highest quality sound, combined with wearing comfort.